Design Process

It's art if it can't be explained. It's fashion if no one asks for an explanation. It's design if it doesn't need explanation. - Wouter Stokkel

AGILE Process


We are often called into complex situations, when internal efforts need a little boost. We use a proven process to gather requirements, really digging down in the details, but maintaining the higher-level “Why are we doing this?” objectives.


Design is an integrated effort at Cranberry Web. In creating wonderful, engaging digital experiences we utilize graphic design, information architecture, front-end and back-end developers, database analysts, business analysts, and senior user experience designers.


Development is done in iterations, or stages. We develop a single component, or a version of the product that is not meant to be final, test and review it, and take what we’ve learned as improvements for the next version.


Testing is done at multiple points throughout our process. We do not wait until the end of the project to test, when changes are more difficult to make.